Get access to our mobile tools anywhere using our API

You can now use our Mobile Device Emulator and Mobile Search Simulator within your enterprise systems
or SaaS product. Easily integrate our powerful Mobile Search tools and insights within your existing toolsets.

Mobile Search Simulator API

View search term results by device

Easily see individual search terms on different devices.

See search results in specific locations

View by device in international, regional and city locations as well as by search engine and language.

More than 18 up to date mobile devices

We are always updating our devices lists in both iOS and Android

See Page variations by location

Scroll through search engine result pages to see individual page variations as they appear in that location.

Embedded Mode

Embed the Mobile Search Simulator and all filter options into a page inside your internal application or content management system. See search results side by side for up to 2 devices.

Integrated Mode

Place mobile icons alongside keyword phrases/search terms in your reports that open a modal window. Choose a location and immediately view search results in that location.

Mobile Device Emulator API

More than 18 iOS and Android Devices

Emulate your sites and pages in real time across all our mobile devices.

Quickly review your sites

Easily change between devices speeding up the time it takes to review your site during development.

Use in the browser without Dev Tools

Preview and monitor site changes across devices without complex development tools

Review in real time

Preview all pages across your sites individually and see updates in real time as you fix issues.

Embeded Mode

Embed the entire Device Emulator window inside a page within your enterprise dashboard and allow your development and search teams to see individual URLs in multiple devices. See results side by side for up to 2 devices.

Integrated Mode

Easily add mobile icons on each line of your URL reports and allow users to click and see that URL emulated in multiple devices, in a modal window, without leaving your application.

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